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Meet Brian Ross

Brian is a Radio DJ for Magic 98.9 in the afternoons and is the morning traffic reporter for Alaska’s Total Traffic.  He began his weight loss journey on May 4th, 2017, weighing 313 pounds.  Since then, BRIAN HAS LOST A TOTAL OF 151 POUNDS in about 11 months.  Brian is learning how to maintain his healthy weight and lifestyle, and enjoys long distance biking again thanks to Ideal Health.

Plus, Brian has lost many inches and clothing sizes.   He even left behind FOUR prescriptions.  Brian no longer needs additional testosterone because his levels are normal again–NO MORE NEEDLES, and he no longer wears prescribed compression socks since he is not retaining excess water.  His feet, ankles and shins are not swollen anymore.  His doctors also took him off of prescriptions for high cholesterol and low thyroid output.

Brian Ross showing his weight while starting keto plan in Anchorage Alaska at Ideal Health
EKG Picture comparison.

Life Changing

In fact, Brian found out in June of 2018 that his RESTING HEART RATE showed an amazing improvement.  Side by side EKG’s from March 2107 and June of 2018 showed that his heart rate had lowered by 31 beats per minute.

Brian Ross at 98.9 studio

Health Coach

Several Ideal Health clients have started on their own weight loss journeys after seeing Brian’s results.  To that, Brian remarks, “Every time they lose weight, it feels like I’m losing those pounds, too!”  Helping others to restore their proper weight and improve their health is, “a happy bonus I hadn’t expected.”

Brian writes about his weight loss with Ideal Health on his radio station blog.  He likes to refer to Ideal Health as his weight loss TEAM.  Brian covers a wide range of weight loss topics, including his own body’s physical and medical changes, what he does for exercise, the return of his lost energy and ambition, and he also compares the costs of Ideal Protein to his previous eating habits.

In 2018, Brian returned to long distance charity bike riding, completing his first true “century” ride (100 miles biked in one day) and frequently bikes distances between 50 and 65 miles.  Brian has also become a health coach at Ideal Health to assist others in their weight & health goals.  You can hear him tell his story at an upcoming Ideal Health seminar.   RSVP for our next one on the button below.

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