Success Stories

"I've lost a total of 175 pounds!!"

Meet those who have stood where you are. They have stood on the scale and felt their heart sink and asked themselves, “How am I over 300 pounds?” It’s not just the weight either. It’s also the terrible byproducts of obesity: zero energy, body aches, diabetes, no confidence, and maybe the worst of all.. NO HOPE.  “After dieting on my own, and not having much success, I got a coupon in the email for Ideal Protein. It was like heaven sent! When I met with Dylan I set an aggressive goal, but here I am, a year and a half later and I’ve lost a total of 175 pounds!!”

Ideal Health has many more stories just like these, but the most exciting one is the next one…YOURS! These people shared your doubts, but now they have solid confidence that you too can be listed among them even if you’ve tried other diet programs and failed.

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Haley Simmang thumbnail for testimonial of Ketogenic plan
What surprised me most is that I was losing weight AND enjoying the food I was eating. I wasn’t restricting myself to boring grilled chicken and broccoli every night. This protocol had so many diverse foods and drinks that I loved, and I even found Ideal Protein meal recipes to make my meals interesting and flavorful.
Haley Simmang
Lost 49 LBS
Emma Roberts thumbnail, celebrating
I’m proud that I committed to my Amazing Transformation because I proved to myself that, YES I CAN do this. The health benefits and results are fantastic, and that just means I’m gonna be around a whole lot longer….to drive my kids and grand-kids nuts. Thank you!
Cheryl Olson
Lost 40 LBS